5’10”-7 (Fusion: Delta 2.0)

Our latest production shape specifically designed for anyone who loves how fun WaveStorms are but disapprove of their lack of shredability.

Copious volume, parallel rail and full outrigger rail satisfy weaker paddlers.

Very complex bottom consisting of a long single deep runner channel, morphing into single to double concave blended with consideration with the bottom and deck rocker.

Five fin option for the front or rear foot rider.

New school outline and complex bottom blend longboard floatation and performance shapes responsive ness designed with our CAD Program. Cutter heads dial in all the deep and intricate shape and contour also available in 12k carbon fiber or double 12k  vacuum bag construction. EXTREMELY strong and EXTREMELY light. Double 12k comes with a lifetime warranty against buckle or breakage

A perfect choice for double fin boxes and Hydrofoil for paddle in foiling.