Shayna HY and Shayna HY LG


6’8”-7’8” (Fusion: Entry Level)

This surfboard is the culmination of my experience as a surf instructor and shaper.  Designed  for my daughter to be the easiest surfboard to ride and experience maximum growth, especially in beach break.

Specific design features are smooth accelerated nose rocker, ANTI pearling wide point back, enlarged easy to find sweet spot.

Rounded squash tail, soft rails with hidden performance tuck.

Tri fin setup balance stability and maneuverability.

Extra narrow profile width especially for youth and women riders. Easy to carry!

Full thickness in mid section allow for unstoppable paddling, a must for the inexperienced.



7’4” - 8 (Fusion: Access)

All the same easy to master characteristics as Shayna HY except scaled out for heavier riders and men who want a fun safe easy board to bond with SH LG. you wont regret it.