Performance Egg HP

8’ or 8’2” (Fusion: All Around Functional)

Designed during my peak metabolism in surfing, for satisfying gluttony. Poaching made easy. Thickness, foil and narrow width accelerate paddling.

Nose outline ready for steeper takeoffs. Medium full soft tucked rails smooth out all turns. Bump squash maximize early planing and fast turning.

Slight double concave between riders feet accentuate face-pumping motion.

This shape is designed to paddle like a log and turn like a shortboard.  Best suited for hi crowds and pumping groundswell spots like Trestles, Malibu and Steamer Lane.

Three-point rocker and super thin tail hold point and project thru stacked conditions when the heat is off still a more slashable log.

Our top selling and most versatile board to date. If I had to travel the world with one board this would be it.