Mark Brög

Mark Brög was fortunate to grow up surfing at Torrance Beach and Palos Verdes.  He fluently speaks both German and French. The driving factor behind his success is his parents, who made him work and earn on his own what he wanted from life.  In the beginning, he did contract labor for many different established artist and artisans. Being a creative and committed artist and surfer allowed him to learn how to engage with people to earn their trust at a young age.  Pursuing his surf shaper lifestyle, like any artist, required him to be a jack of many trades in order to fund the dream.


For Mark, the freedom to travel and explore was his goal. He visited many places around the world to surf and explore: the west coast of California, the Channel Islands, Baja, mainland Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Cabo Verde, South Africa, Mauritius, Barbados and of course, Hawaii.


Growing up in Southern California in the ‘80s, he learned about respect, from board building and surfing masters. For without their inspiration and secrets, he would not be here on this amazing life journey. Surfing the waves of life, he found his wife and two children, the best gifts of all.


At his core, is his love and respect for preserving nature and the ocean, as well as the inner journey of spirituality, meditation, sharing, and faith in your dreams. Sharing his passion for surfing is his way of being whole. Mark’s boards are his vessels to harmonize with the waves.


His most notable accomplishments are his major corporate design and fabrication jobs. Among these include the Rhino Chaser’s surfboard bar tables at LAX, column covers at LA center studios, surf, skate and snowboard sculptures for Royal Carribean Cruise lines’ “Adventure of the Seas”, “Single Pin Red” (a 12” surfable bowling pin in collaboration with architect Allison Wright), and a surfboard collab with UBER EATS. Our specialty boards have been featured in numerous commercials, TV shows, like Beverly Hills 90210, and a movie, Sharknado. Most recently the Brög arrowhead logo was first image in a JEEP/WSL commercial. His design concepts hit the mark every time because of his experience and passion for helping people find their inner energy.


Mark and his wife Sheryl ran their retail surf and skate shop in Redondo beach for 17.5 years where they delivered their products to the local community with 5 STAR Google and Yelp ratings the entire time.


Another component to his success is his ability to teach the understanding of surfing in his surf lessons. To him, nothing has been more rewarding than watching his students catch their first wave. He believes the surf experience changed many people's lives and given them epic memories.


He can see and feel design from the inside out and wants to share the colors found through his life experience.